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jmacadhd11 (a.k.a jmac) is a player on the HCSMP server. He is known to take on tasks he cannot accomplish further (see: How to HCSMP), leave for extended periods of time then come back, and try to be funny.

Play Style

Jmac is a peaceful player, usually minding his own business and going to and from spawn. He has been in one organized PvP battle in October 2012, which he lost, because of unfair circumstances (he was jumped when he wasn't ready). He has a grand total of one kill on the server, occuring in February of 2013, when a noob took advantage of campfire protection by breaking into his base, killing his cows, destroying his farm, and then disabled campfire and attacked a diamond-clad jmac with a stone sword, to which jmac said "lol" and killed him.

Outside of that unfortunate event, jmac is friendly to noobs for the most part, and will give them supplies, assuming he has supplies of his own.

He frequently takes part in mooching off of people if he is too lazy to get his own stuff.


Jmac made his own crappy astronaut skin, which can be seen here:

2013-02-14 14.37.13.png