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When He was a Player

Jaycow was a notoriously murderous villain during World 1 spending many hours killing newbies, raiding bases and having spars with Cachu whom he would later befriend. After being banned from the server at the end of World 1 for using an x-ray texture pack, Jaycow was later elected by a vast majority of the community to become the new administrator after Savoie resigned.

An Administrator is Born

Jaycow was one of two Administrators of the server during World 2 and World 3. He took care of many in-server needs of the HCSMP community including ban appeals, enforcing rules and thinking up ideas to increase community enjoyment. Jaycow was known for being extremely relaxed in terms of enforcing social rules in the chat, but very strict on the violation of the technical rules of the server. On a few occasions during his leadership, Jaycow would play legitimately on the server under the Otheakiss moniker, living with various people and acting as their interior designer and resource-gatherer, most notably Random902.

After having experienced a DDoS attack on his personal internet connection due to his position Jaycow resigned from his administrative position on 7 January 2012 . He rarely plays and rarely makes an appearance on IRC since the DDoS incident.

Personal Life

Jaycow is currently pursuing a degree in English Education and working on becoming a published author.