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Location and Play Information

Jackcatalyst is from the US. Standard hours of game playtime are from 7am-4am but severely inconsistent. Jack has been playing since the influx of reddit players from an article that was posted to the /r/minecrat wiki.

Personality and Playstyle

Jackcatalyst is a peaceful player. He does not pvp in Minecraft and will generally just attempt to escape if attacked. Jackcatalyst also tends to swim in lava.

Bases and Creations

Jackcatalyst has made a few bases across the last couple of maps, unfortunately Jackcatalyst does not actually map his co-ordinates so where they are exactly remains a mystery. In world 4 there is a base made in several ravines largely populated by 30-40 snowmen and three pigs.


World 2 Joined near the last few days and was killed by Dukebammerfire

World 3 part 1 Lived about 20 minutes until killed by a zombie.

World 3 part 2 Built a base and attempted to grid mine, frustration led to an insane action of digging a hole directly under. What Jackcatalyst was not aware of was the enormous lava pool underneath him. Death was inevitable.

World 3 Part 3 Built a small base under a mountain and lived for the rest of the month happily. Went out adventuring two days before reset and fell into a lava pit while exploring a griefed base.

World 4 Built a small base, gathered diamonds. Built a much larger base between a few ravines and entertained himself by building a large snowgolem army with aims of taking over the world. Unfortunately he fell into lava trying to get back to the base and died.