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You may have heard of impulsiveIngenue. You may have come across one of her Veran Wayshrooms in World 3, or seen her engaging with trolls in the chat, or read her posts on Reddit regarding the state of the community. You may think she's nice. You may hate her guts. That's Vera.

Location and Play Information

Vera lives on the West Coast of the United States, and thus resides in the Pacific time zone (the only true time zone, everyone else needs to stop being so much earlier or later). She tends to play in the mornings, usually sporadically. However, she's generally idling in IRC, so you can usually bother her there.

Personality and Playstyle

Vera doesn't get this whole PvP thing. Don't challenge her to a duel, because she'll just ignore you (and possibly laugh at you). She would much rather spend her time aiding new players, because in her opinion starving to death is something that just should not happen, ever. However, she acknowledges that HCSMP is full of murderous jerks, and thus wandering around isn't safe. This is why she stockpiles potions and builds grinders. So many grinders.

Bases and Creations

Vera has a few boltholes with grinders and farms to her name, but the largest place she's lived was Fort Futhermucker in World 3. She would love to build and see things built above ground, and thinks griefing is the saddest thing.

Kills and Deaths

Vera survived World 3, but died once in World 6 when she was ambushed by The Black Hand in the Nether. Her playstyle is not exactly high-risk, after all.

Here's to a death-free World 7!

Factions and Player Interaction

Vera spent most of World 3 running with the NMR, helping out noobs and such. Her Wayshrooms were a common sight in World 3, containing a small cornucopia of things new players would need, such as food, wood, and iron.

In World 7, she's a member of The Alliance. Go install that Cape mod and check out her swank cape! Vera has high hopes that this Alliance will generate a real community on the server, not just lone survivors huddling in terror.