Hunger Games, 2012-06-03

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This Hunger Games event was played on Sunday the 3rd of June, 2012.

The event was to hosted on the Graveyard Server (, with 100 willing tributes, a selection of cameramen to livestream the event (including some of the tributes), and gamemakers to keep the show entertaining. Unlike in the Hardcore Server, the administrators and gamemakers were allowed to interfere with the tributes to encourage them to fight for the glory of their district, but took a more hands-off approach after feedback from the last of game.

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A central Cornucopia was built by the gamemakers, stacked with the items you needed to survive.

The game was run through use of several plugins:

  • A Hardcore Mode plugin to keep dead players out.
  • The UltraHardcore plugin, simply to disable the hunger regeneration features.

The following media came from the event:

Pictures from RyanRolls

Livestream by Jonz00r

Video from Foxitude's perspective.

Video from diafygi.


1) mcfluffykins - $25 cash prize, website trophy, and enchanted armor piece.

2) xCoyote18 - website trophy, enchanted armor piece, and choice of two mob eggs (from a pre-determined list).

3) rickys2345 - website trophy, enchanted armor piece.