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Todo: Lots of images. Also, info about the PvP Tournament

The First HCSMP World Fair was an event organized by Edward_Renhorn on the 27 of June, 2017 that celebrated the end of World 27. A large fairgrounds was constructed at (4200, 2300) by Edward_Renhorn and some other members of Ironstone, which served as the location for the World Fair and its accompanying PvP Tournament. Many attended the Fair over the course of the day to have fun, construct booths, and meet up with other players and friends.

The World Fair was announced on Reddit here five days prior, promising a multitude of fun attractions and free admission to all. The coordinates of the nether railway leading to the fairgrounds were finally revealed at 5 PM EST here.

Features and Attractions

Crysis's Choice Beverages

CrysisStorm78 created a booth that offered cooling refreshments in the form of potions. However, it only offered them. He died due to a creeper before he could finish creating them, and nobody was available to run the booth.

Dark's Head Wall

Darktyui set up a display of the numerous heads of mobs and players he had collected and won in battle during World 27. The player heads featured included StigAdmin, Cheid, SeanTheChamp, and GreenMarksman, among others.

Edward Renhorn's Trophy Case

Edward_Renhorn set up a display of the heads of dead players, as well as their death date and location. The heads included LikeYM, Ossbourne, and Xeranok/Gatsu. Later, Cirex22's head was added after he fell in the PvP Tournament to Arvein.

Exotic Fruits 2 bits

A booth offering free exotic fruits in the form of Chorus Fruit and Netherwart.

Festival Game: Hit the Horse

A small game simply labeled ~FESTIVAL GAME~. The aim of the game was to hit a moving horse in a minecart with snowballs.

Festival Game: Killing Obvolvo

A one-time game in which four chosen players ride moving minecarts and try to shoot Obvolvo with bows. The winner kills Obvolvo, and claims his gear.

The winner of the game was Ossbourne.

Festival Game: The Chicken Pit

A game where you throw a stack of eggs into different pits to score points. Each chicken that landed in largest pit was worth 10 points each, the second largest for 30 points each, and the two smallest pits for 50 points each. The eggs were supplied by a small chicken farm.

A scoreboard was also located next to the game.

Fishing Pier

A rather nice fishing pier was located on the fairgrounds. It offered free fishing, no license required! However, you still had to bring your own pole.

A small field of flowers was located between the Fishing Pier and Parkour course.

Fountain and Help Desk

Near the center of the fairgrounds was a small fountain and help booth. The booth didn't offer much help, however. Instead, it offered a tip jar so that you could give away all your money to it.

The fountain was surrounded by chests, most of which either offered additional supplies or were empty. One of the chests contained Arvein's secret supply of pufferfish (Don't tell anyone!).

Free Cake!

Pokepeople01 set up a small table offering free cake!


A small red booth offered free enderpearls to all.


During the Fairgrounds, Arvein spawned Larry, a Wither, which he was fiercely protective of. Luckily, he was deep underground and never reached the surface, after which he would probably have destroyed the Fair.

During the Fair, Larry could be constantly heard trying to break through to the surface. However, Arvein constantly assured that the situation was completely under control.

Lookout Tower

Also near the center of the fairgrounds, a lookout tower provided an aerial view of the World Fair.


Arvein established a small maze made of spruce leaves nearby the Lookout Tower.

Medoria's Cat Isle

Medoria created a majestic build honoring cats offshore connected to the World Fair. It came complete with a kitty shrine, many cats, and a meowing tree.


A moderately difficult parkour course was set up over the water on the edge of the fairgrounds. At the end of the parkour course was an expensive-looking monument, featuring a Dragon Head, commending those who reached it on their parkour skills.

Path and Horse Track

All around the World Fair was a footpath, which also served as a track for horse racing.

A Horse Race was held during the fair featuring Edward_Renhorn, Arvein, SpookyScarySammi, and Medoria.

Petting Zoo

The Ironstone Petting Zoo featured pens containing an assortment of Horses, Wolves, Cows, Chickens, Pigs, and one upside-down Zombie Pigman named Dinnerbone.

Pokepeople01's World (Fair) Map Project

Pokepeople01 set up a small booth representing the then-only other active clan on HCSMP, the WorldMap Project. The booth showcases a 1:1 scale map of the fairgrounds.

PvP Arena

A sizable arena was constructed to host World 27's End of the World PvP Tournament. The arena included a 20x25 block area to fight in, as well as audience stands to watch the battles from. The entire arena was ringed in gold-clad Armor Stands.

Quad Beacons and Jukebox

At the center of the fairgrounds, near the Lookout Tower and Maze, an Iron Block pyramid supporting four colored Beacons was set up prior to the beginning of the Fair. The four beacons provided Jump Boost II, Speed II, Resistance II, Regeneration, and Haste to all nearby the Fair.

On the side of the pyramid was also a jukebox and a Shulker Box full of music discs to play during the Fair. No Fair is complete without music, of course.

R.I.P Chester

Here Lies Chester

A large statue was constructed next to The Chicken Pit in honor of Chester the chicken. Rest in Peace, Chester.

Shrine to Edward

Praise The Edward

Nearby the festival game to kill Obvolvo, a shrine was constructed by CrysisStorm78 to praise Edward_Renhorn. The shrine was filled with Oxeye Daisies.

Spooky's Goodies

Spooky's Goodies

SpookyScarySammi managed a shop offering an assortment of foodstuffs, such as Cooked Chicken, Melons, and only the best Pumpkin Pie.



Created by SpookyScarySammi and CrysisStorm78, this shop had to be managed alone due to the latter's death prior to the beginning of the World Fair. The shop offered BONELESS Cooked Fish and Salmon.

PvP Tournament