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Guydude154 with bow at the ready

Background Information

Guydude154 is a frequent player at HCSMP. He is very active in the chat. The best way to contact him is on Reddit where he uses the username razrz. Prior to coming to HCSMP he played often at the Project Ares server (where he is still active) and was a mod on the BlackHorizon server.

World History

World 7

June 2012

He began this month by heading out to the South Gate. Once there he began mining and happened across the base of scannie128. He harvested some food, took some diamonds and then headed out to build a boat. From there he sailed across an ocean biome where he came across an island. He built a lighthouse and a garden on the island and, due to a suggestion by RyanRolls, dubbed it Guyland Island. After parting ways with the island, he found himself in a jungle biome where he made his base underground. His journey, for this month, ended after being cornered by 5 cave spiders and he died of the poison.

Factions and Player Interactions

A member of the Alliance.

Method of Play

Normally peaceful, but will attempt to drive off players who better equipt away from his land through traps and shooting with the bow from afar. Usually prefers to work alone, but will occasionally work with another player if the gain is beneficial to both.