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This page provides information on how to create your player's page and suggested headings to use.

How to create your page

To create your page simply enter your in game name in the search bar at the top right of any wiki page. The following should appear with "YourName" highlighted red.

Create the page "YourName" on this wiki!

Click on the red section, you will be taken to where you can begin to create your new page.

Suggested section headers

Heading What to include
Location and Play Information Where are you from? When is the best time to find you online on the server? (Times should all be standard GMT)
Personality and Playstyle Tell us how you conduct yourself on the server, are you a friendly player? A PVPer? Someone who helps new players? Do you try to kill everyone you see?
Bases and Creations What bases and creations have you made during your time on HCSMP? If possible give world numbers and coordinates so explorers of past worlds can visit them!
Kills and Deaths Have you killed anyone in HCSMP? How did you do it? How have you died?
Factions and Player interaction Do you live with anyone or are you a lone wolf? Have you ever joined a clan?
Event participation Have you ever participated in an event?