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General Information

Gmxgeek is the former Sysadmin of HCSMP. He handled all the backend work for the server, and was the sole maintainer of the website and database.

In January 2013, he officially resigned from his administrative position due to real life events requiring too much of his time. He was succeeded by xMopx as Sysadmin, and still occasionally plays on the server as a moderator. He can usually be found as a part of the Duracell builder group, and worked on several Duracell builds in the past during his time as an admin under various alts including Psychobit, BitShiftShadow, and ShepardOfTheLost.

Gmxgeek created the following Bukkit plugins that are in use on the server:

Personality and Playstyle

Gmxgeek prefers a peaceful lifestyle, focusing on armor and weapons only in defense from the mobs and murderers of HCSMP. Instead he tends to work on building and exploring, only taking a life when his own has been threatened. He usually lives with the Duracell builders, but wanders the world over in search of interesting sights and people.


Gmxgeek first joined the server when it was announced on reddit in October of 2011. He became an administrator after offering his services as a sysadmin and the use of his servers in November of 2011. He doesn't like it when you call him GMXGeek, GMX, or the like. His name should be in all lowercase letters unless it begins a sentence, in which case only the first G should be capitalized. The letters "gmx" in gmxgeek do not stand for anything. They are just a collection of letters that are difficult to form an acronym out of.