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FoolsPowers Skin


FoolsPower generally plays peacefully, tries to avoid conflicts, and helps new players as much as he can. He usually doesn't stay in one place too long, to avoid anyone finding his home and raiding him. He travels with pretty much everything he will ever need, and only creates a base if he needs to cook up some pots, or do some enchanting.

FoolsPower has an on going thing where he'll hide goodies in a chest, and see if anyone has found them yet through the IRC, reddit, or global chat in game.


FoolsPower has only ever had 2 kills. He regrets both kills.

Teams, Clans, Alliances

FoolsPower is generally a solo player, to avoid being betrayed, and to avoid having to carry the weight of another player. He only has one set of eyes. He recently joined The Alliance 'Movement' To enforce a "no killing" plea, in hopes that it will turn HCSMPs PVP ways around.

Notable Deaths

The only available picture of the building where the trap was

FoolsPowers first death in April was at the hands of JoeltheMole due to a miscommunication on both sides, which ultimately ended in Joel slicing Fools' gut in a matter of seconds.

His second death was by a cunning trap. Said trap retracted a draw-bridge like contraption, leading him to a falling death.


FoolsPower was the original creator of Alliance capes. He created it so The Alliance members could wear them and be proud to be part of the Alliance.


FoolsPower likes to leave his tag around the world. His tag being an 8x8 picture of his face.

FoolsTag in the end


FoolsPower enjoys helping others in game. He does so, to the best of his ability.

During the first days of September, he helped Lil_Mac By venturing into the nether to give him tools to continue his mining journey to another side of the nether.

Later in the week, Fools travelled nearly 10,000 blocks across the map to help JoeltheMole with his predicament. Joel was trapped underwater and drowning rapidly. Fools removed the water and saved the life of Joel.

Sep 11, 2012: Fools saved JoeltheMole yet again; this time in the end after joel go ambushed by a bunch of endermen


FoolsPower became part of the moderation team on the 8th of September, 2012.