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Well....My IGN is Eldisty and my IRL is Ryan. I am from Ohio and have a few friends who play on the server except I am the most active out of us all. You can usually find me on....random times...but I usually am on the IRC :D

How I Play:

I usually build a base under some water and hoard as much as I can except then I get bored and blew everything up so I can start fresh. I basically play to survive. If you pose a threat to me I stay away unless you are close, then I will fight you. If I have some extra stuff and you have nothing I might spare to help you out, always depends on the mood I am in.


Well.....I build underground and make secret things. I suck at building above ground (always have) so all my design and mastery is at underground work and wiring some traps. I have had bases in mountains, under oceans, and one in a tree but I built it and left it.


I don't have enough friends to be in one :(


PvP tournament, Hunger Games, CTF