Edward Renhorn

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Edward Renhorn head.png Edward_Renhorn
Edward Renhorn.png
Date Joined: 2013
Timezone: Eastern Time
Playstyle: Lawful Neutral
About Me: Leader of Ironstone

Location and Play Information

Edward lives in Indiana and is often online.

Personality and Playstyle

Edward Renhorn is sociable player who can often be heard shouting "MANMODE" in chat or just making conversation. He spends most of his time in Ironstone or travelling to and from spawn. His inventory is usually half full of potions in case of a surprise attack.


Pre-Map 27

Edward Renhorn has played on HCSMP on and off since 2013, but under a different name and was in general quite irrelevant.

Map 27

Edward Renhorn rejoined the server in mid-april 2017. Soon afterword he made this post announcing the founding of Ironstone, an overground nation. He recruited ~15 players and played a vital role in the construction of Ironstone's capital, Pine River. He also defended Ironstone by killing several murders and griefers including LikeYM, Ossbourne, and Xeranok. He was killed in early maybe a TNT trap set by Ossbourne after racking up 50 hours survived. After the incident having each been killed once Edward and Ossbourne made a peace treaty.

Map 28

Under Construction