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Location and Play Information

Djmixerbox lives in California. He likes to play Minecraft but only in hardcore mode. When he's not playing Minecraft he's usually playing Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, or some random Wii game.

Bases and Creations

Djmixerbox's bases are always hidden and dispersed throughout the map.

Factions and Player Interaction

Djmixerbox was a member of NMR from November until May, whereupon he switched to Black Hand. He has since retired from BH.

After becoming an admin on hcsmp on May 20, 2012, djmixerbox began playing on the server on his alternate account, thebombman6.

Event Participation

Djmixerbox played in the February PvP tournament, beating DrPlaster and Wolftweak, but loosing to xCoyote18.