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Dicvodka is a generally peaceful person. He wont attack unless his or his base mates life are in danger. If he runs across noobs he would give them food and tools and such, to help grow the commuenity.


Dicvodka joined in the late month of Feburary, where he was promptly give some food and some iron by doubleadmin. He walked and boated until he found Wolf Tweaks base in which he lived in until the last days of the month. On the 27th He was heading to spawn equipped in full iron planning on helping some noobs. When he arrived at the arena close to spawn he was greeted by a group of people that quickly escorted him to the end. Literally. He donated and couldn't find his base. Thus dying to a spider.


Dicvodka started march off well. Finding an large public wheat farm giving him a stack of bread. He walked until he found a large island where he wanted to live. He made the entrance to his base in a small lake so no one would find it. Inspired by wolf tweaks cave base he decided to do the same. Whilest hollowing out a fishing pond he fell in to lava and burned. In the great move of march he found his base and began moving what little he had left to the new map. he found a nice pumpkin island. He dug down and lived under a pumpkin until an unknown raider cam Ina stole everything. He died while exploring the world to a group of creepers.


On the first of this month he had a friend over and they decided to play together. They walked about 15k blocks out almost starving a few times. While traversing through the jungle Dicvodka's friend fell too far and died. A grave was made In his memory. He walked a little more before finding his new base. He found pigs near by and brought them to live with him. Dicvodka's temptation and ragas for the unknown raider in his base causes him to X-ray for diamonds. He was quickly found out and banned.


Pior to the new maps generation. Dicvodka had been playing a game on the newest snapshot at that time with lil_mac and Quentangle. Lil_mac and Dicvodka quickly hit it off and became friends. Lil_mac asked him to base with himself. Dicvodka quickly agreed. At the time that Dicvodka logged on for the first time. Lil_mac wasn't in sight. So he set off his own way. About 1500 blocks away from spawn he finds a village with no wheat. He was extremely hungry. He saw someone in a simalar situation by the name of KingN. They worked together on food of about an hour before setting off. After a while of walking together they split up. Dicvodka got ahold of lil_mac and they properly met up and began living together. In this base together they have built, a mushroom biome, a skele grinder (in base), Tri-spider Grinder, reed, pumpkin, wheat and cactus farm, have all the animals farmed, and 2 full enchanting rooms.

Outside HCSMP

Outside HCSMP Dicvodka participates in musical activities. He plays bass, guitar and sings Ina few bands and spends most of his time playing bass, or HCSMP.