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Dermot's Skin

Location and Play Information

Lives in Ireland, Can been seen on GMT evenings and even more so during the summer.

Personality and Playstyle

Is a fairly friendly player, Can make stupid decisions. Is Ultimately interested in complete server domination.

Bases and Creations

Usually builds underground and tries to leave as small a footprint as possible. Bases are usually under y 20.

Best base to date was that of March when he teamed with lemmy and dion_vg and built a humble base underground in a jungle biome around 8k out. Notable features were a rollercoaster and a large petting zoo.

Kills and Deaths

November 2011 - February 2012 Various Unknown Noob Deaths

March 2012 - Went to rescue friend, Fell in ravine

May 2012 - Returned to old base, Creeper inside front door.

May 2012 - Climbed large tower, Jumped off into water pool... Missed.

Event Participation

Played in the first Hunger Games, Was slain at cornucopia.