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Datastreamx's skin

Location and Play Information

Datastreamx lives in Holland. Thus in the GMT+1 timezone. His playtime is mostly on 20:00 - 24:00. Just the average joe.

Personality and Playstyle

Very paranoid player. He will engage anyone in his territory if he thinks he can handle him. If he thinks he can't, he will run to his saferoom and try to kill the other person by using traps. If that doesn't work he just gets the fuck out of there. He's not that good at surviving. Making mistakes left and right getting him into trouble. He did survive a full month once. On the other month he made the mistake of digging below him and falling into lava, at the start of the month.

Bases and creations

Living as a lone wolf, he makes only practical bases. Long stretches of stripmines while still trying to keep concealing his base in the best way possible. He doesn't go above ground much for the fear of meeting an enemy.

World plays

Started playing in World 3 and didn't do anything. Had a visit from a NMR player who he at first tried to run from until he got some food from him. He then ran to x:-3560 z:456 where he lived the full month.

World 4 he died at pretty much the beginning of the month.

World 5 he had his older starting gear from before the server had to regenerate AGAIN. So that was easy. At about 260 blocks out he heard mtfilo saying there is diamond armour and other stuff nearby. mtfilo gave the coordinates so Datastream went to check it out... At first suspicious thinking it could be a trap, a feeling reinforced when he saw a lavasource near the armour, he moved in a bit to check out the mtfilos intentions. Mtfilo moved back and let Datastream take the delicious loot. And so a friend was made. For now... He moved to a far away place where he settled in underneath a lava lake. 3 days later he digged down one block too far in his mine and burned to death... He had once again not reached the nether to get some potions going.

World 6 he got 5 bread at start. 3 from xCoyote and 2 from d0uble*something* (forgot his whole name). With this he moved far away to start a base underneath the ocean. In this he has set up shop and just now finished a bad executed zombie grinder. (how does one grinded zombie?)

Factions and Player Interaction

Nothing to see here.

In world 6 he offered to join the GGG but later removed his application because some people who he didn't trust joined the GGG.

Event Participation

Has not participated in any event because that would require him to go topside.

How to get his favor

There is not a lot you can do to get his trust. Just show that you mean no harm and then it'll be fine. How to do this will not be told because it might be abused by potential assailants. Most likely: you will not get his trust unless you show that you can easily kill him and yet let him live and even give him stuff.