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DancingZoidberg at the spawn of World 6

Background Information

DancingZoidberg is a player of HCSMP. He plays whenever he wants to. He is active in chat and is usually on the servers teamspeak.

World History

World 1

October 2011

DancingZoidberg first joined HCSMP in World 1, where he was known as Wizy939k, he later bought minecraft again (January 2012) and gave Wizy939k away to a friend. During World 1, DancingZoidberg was quickly killed by the notorious spawn killer, jaycow, after being lured with food. Disappointed, he came back next month hoping to try more.

World 2

November 2011

World 2 began. DancingZoidberg strikes the players on HCSMP again. He quickly makes a small base about 2000 blocks out and mines diamonds. Melons are found. Iron is found. But no diamonds. Where could the diamonds be? A while after, using the most inefficient diamond mining method ever, he hit his first diamonds. 8 of them in a vein. He ran back up to his temporary base in the side of a hill and crafted a diamond sword, diamond boots and kept the last 2 for emergencies. He left with a sword in his hand a signs in his base welcoming visitors and wandered to Spawn. There he camped, luring newbies with the small amount of bread he had and he would MURDER THEM! dun dun dun. He racked up a total of 9 kills in about 2 hours. After receiving multiple bounties he jumped into a cave and fell to his murderous death, leaving the wasted diamonds behind.

World 3

December 2011

World 3 is born. DancingZoidberg leaves the Spawn and his old life behind him. He gets about 500 blocks away from spawn before he starts to starve by swimming because he was an idiot and didn't know that boats are faster and they don't lose huger. He finds a small opening and begs for help in the chat whilst surviving on 2 hunger bars. A player called "Oaths" comes to the rescue. He gave DancingZoidberg food and a base about 4000 blocks out from spawn. Oaths had a small base at around y:20. Containing a wheat farm with about 20 seeds, a melon farm with 10 stalks and a tree farm with 2 saplings, Oaths was pretty pimped out after 3 days of the bans being reset. DancingZoidberg agreed to make a mob grinder which spawned skeletons in return for food and a home. Completing the skeleton grinder was easy work but wasn't very efficient as the server (at that time) had a 100 mob limit throughout the map. Oaths logged off for dinner and DancingZoidberg ventured into The Nether in search of glowstone to decorate the base. He fell into lava and left no witnesses of his death.

January 2012

World 3 once again. Oath's base co-ordinates have not been recorded. DancingZoidberg quickly dies of starvation.

World 4

February 2012

World 4 was a successful time for DancingZoidberg who teamed up with his real life friend cousin Wizy939k. They traveled to the corner of the map in the first day (8000,-8000) covering most of the journey in the huge ocean. They set up base to the nearest landmass they could find. The entrance was hidden next to an above ground lava lake. A small base was established. They were both kitted out with full iron armor and a diamond sword each. Wizy939k died by walking into lava and not having water to extinguish the flames.

DancingZoidberg decided to walk back to Spawn and help newbies with food. Here he came across Cachu and BroBuzz. DancingZoidberg joined the Mumble server for the first time and began to talk to these well known HCSMP players. Cachu and BroBuzz invited him on an adventure. At that moment, the server was wiped. Everything was lost.

A new day began, and everyone once again started at spawn with nothing. Cachu sent DancingZoidberg the co-ordinates of his location for an adventure, and he went off. Cachu told him he was at 3000,0 but DancingZoidberg had gone to -3000,0. A stupid mistake. Although from his trip he gathered a fair amount of supplies, then walked the 6000 blocks to Cachu's temporary base. When DancingZoidberg arrived he was greeted by Cachu, jaycow and I_b_god. He distributes food that he has collected from his 9k block adventure and everyone is on good terms. Jaycow is in the grid mine, earning an insane amount of diamonds and gives DancingZoidberg and I_b_god a set of diamond armor each. Whilst expanding the tree farm, jaycow strikes DancingZoidberg with an enchanted diamond sword. Lava is poured. DancingZoidberg logs out for protection. Luckily for him the Combat Tag plugin was not working. A few hours later and DancingZoidberg is greeted with the sight of Cachu, BroBuzz and water. Cachu had saved him. Jaycow had fled the base after stealing most of our supplies. Cachu, BroBuzz, WingmanTrebor and DancingZoidberg had received information regarding the co-ordinates of an End Portal and that the player Catpost had plans to defeat the Enderdragon. We were on a mission to stop this notorious killer and dragon egg hoarder. We arrive at the stronghold greeted by borowse. Borowse and DancingZoidberg take the first watch, ready to pounce at any moment. Tired and unable to fight properly, DancingZoidberg heads to bed for the night. The next day, the end portal has been activated and covered with lava. Catpost was successful with his mission. We had failed to stop him. Soon after we had gained intelligence regarding the whereabouts of Kaezyk, a killer who had murdered a friend of Cachu's and also a suspected x-rayer. WingmanTrebor and Cachu had already entered his base and searching it for traps whilst DancingZoidberg caught up with them. His base had a basic wheat farm and a very well made cave spider grinder. Multiple double chests were filled to the brim with string. DancingZoidberg logs off for the night and awakens in lava. Someone else had gained access to Kaezyk's co-ordinates. They had griefed the base with lava and raided everything. Unable to be saved, the perpetrator found DancingZoidberg and attacked him. Shamelessly, he logged out at combat. He is killed via Combat Tag. A shameful death.

World 5

March 2012

DancingZoidberg sets off again, creates a small base with a melon farm and mines for diamonds. His inventory had been selected for migration to World 6.

World 6

March 2012

DancingZoidberg begins World 6 with the inventory he earned during his short stay in World 5. He sets off with his real life friend xXDUKE40Xx. They make a small base underground with a melon farm. Co-ordinates can be found here. They obtain a stable food source and head back towards Spawn to move further out into the world in another direction. xXDUKE40Xx falls to his death whilst climbing down a steep mountain. DancingZoidberg ventures out into a different quadrant of the map looking to set up a more permanent base. He sets up a base with a melon farm containing 40 stalks. An album of the base taken on 17/3/12 which can be viewed here. DancingZoidberg heads back to spawn to pick up his friend cousin Wizy939k. Wizy939k did not arrive at DancingZoidberg's base due to problems with his computer. DancingZoidberg lived happily underground, expanding his base, mining for diamonds, creating mob grinders and rarely coming up to the surface. He did go on a rescue mission to save I b god who had fallen into lava and surrounded by mobs not too far from DancingZoidberg's base as he had previously visited him. He successfully rescued him without dying and received a payment of 30 netherwarts. DancingZoidberg died at 11:48 AM (local server time) on March 27th. This is the longest that he had survived. He was killed AFK'ing in a tunnel which was letting grass spread to create a sheep farm and was shot by a skeleton.


April 2012

DancingZoidberg sets off into the mainland to search for supplies on his way back to his base. As he sails through the ocean back to his base, he is slain by xX_SOCRATES_Xx. DancingZoidberg then posts his base co-ordinates in a reddit post, which was a bad mistake as DancingZoidberg received an anonymous donation on the server which granted him another life. DancingZoidberg ventured out of spawn about 7000 blocks away from spawn in the -+ quadrant and built a small base and began to mine for diamonds. DEKMS was giving away nether warts at spawn so DancingZoidberg decided to go to spawn via nether travel. He built a nether portal above ground on top of a lava lake. The portal came out at a reasonably large nether wart far. He collected them and received approximately 3 stacks of nether wart. He went back through the nether portal and came out in someones base. The base seemed abandoned as most of the items had been taken. There was a large sheep farm and chicken coop. DancingZoidberg slaughtered all of the sheep before giving away the co-ordinates of the base to JoeltheMole. DancingZoidberg went back into the nether and used a glitch to log in on top of the nether for easy access back to the spawn portal. DancingZoidberg then hung around spawn for a while talking to newbies and players giving food out. He did attempt to lure a few newbies to their death but they all failed. DancingZoidberg then ventured back to his old base wanting to see how badly it had been griefed. Most of the items had been taken including the enchanting table and all the bookcases. The melon and wheat farms were still intact. DancingZoidberg then let himself be killed by a slime. He wanted to have a funny death but now regrets his last words as he could've come up with something better.


May 2012

DancingZoidberg wishes to be slain as his GCSE exams begin. Within 2 minutes of joining, DancingZoidberg is slain by fractal13 and is not seen again until World 7.

World 7

June 2012

Half term in the UK begins and DancingZoidberg decides that during this week he has with no exams, he gets onto HCSMP and makes a start for when his exams are over. After hanging around in spawn for a large amount of time, trying to solve the spawn puzzle. DancingZoidberg enters the prize room of the puzzle under false pretenses as the redstone was broken, allowing the door to open whilst standing on one pressure plate. DancingZoidberg's name has been left on the founders list. After losing the prize from the spawn puzzle, DancingZoidberg heads out in search for food. Empty handed, he returns to spawn and has to sink to the level of begging for food. Fer generously, BroBuzz gives DancingZoidberg 32 melons. This is enough for DancingZoidberg to start his adventures in World 7. DancingZoidberg heads out into the - + quadrant and finds plenty of food. Whilst exploring the - + quadrant, DancingZoidberg comes across eight NPC villages. Four of these were untouched, but of these four, only two contained a blacksmith. The chests inside the blacksmiths did not contain much, only some iron armor and bread. DancingZoidberg heads further out into the - + quadrant about 7000 blocks away from spawn. He rips out an abandoned mineshaft and calls it his home. DancingZoidberg ventures into the nether in search of a fortress to decorate with netherbrick. After walking a mere 20 or 30 blocks to a fortress, he discovers that the fortress contains a double blaze spawner. He spends about 2 hours in the nether, gathering a stack of blaze rods, in hope of selling them for diamonds as his supply is running short. A small netherwart farm is also created whilst he farms blaze rods which yields him about 40 warts. DancingZoidberg heads back to spawn in attempt to sell his blaze rods. Not many successful transactions are made, and he heads back to his base. Along the way, DancingZoidberg decides to kill a few newbies. A few of the newbies didn't trust DancingZoidberg and logged off before they would be slain at the hand of DancingZoidberg. He did however manage to slay two newbies, and his first victim was killed by his Fire Aspect sword.

DZ.Kill3.png DZ.Kill2.png DZ.Kill1.png

With DancingZoidberg's week off school almost over, and the last of his exams remaining, he decides to practice his awful PvP skills against the first person he could find in spawn. Kibbles93 takes up the offer of a quick and easy kill.


DancingZoidberg received donations from I_b_god and another whose name he does not remember. He has since been revived and hasn't been playing on HCSMP too much.

DancingZoidberg joins HCSMP once again and heads to Noobtown. He takes part in the Extreme Noob Bow Gladiators and loses due to bad FPS :(

July 2012

DancingZoidberg quickly dies by jumping off a sky base. He has no idea why he did this.


A few days later, DancingZoidberg donates for himself, in order to begin his HCSMP journey once again. DancingZoidberg and I_b_god get together and decide to base with each other. Everything is going well, a double cave spider grinder is created, a fortune 3 pickaxe lets us earn plenty of diamonds. Whilst in the strip mine, I_b_god stumbles into an expansive base. We meet up at the base and raid it. DancingZoidberg "griefed" the base digging behind walls looking for hidden chests, where infact there was lava. An album of the base can be seen here. DancingZoidberg enchants his first set of all level 50 armour since he has been playing HCSMP and feels strong. I_b_god leaves the base to go and PvP. DancingZoidberg joins I_b_god at spawn shortly afterwards, looking to sell some wares. DancingZoidberg trades with FoolsPower swapping a Fortune 3 pickaxe for a Looting 3 sword.

cliffnerd5 approaches DancingZoidberg with an offer. 500 diamonds for the base of I_b_god. DancingZoidberg at first was going to trick cliffnerd5 as DancingZoidberg had co-ordinates to all the possible places I_b_god could be. cliffnerd5 was going to receive fake co-ordinates and DancingZoidberg would receive 100 diamonds first before giving fake co-ordinates to cliffnerd5. But the temptation was too much. DancingZoidberg had sold out I_b_god to cliffnerd5 for 500 diamonds.

Whilst waiting for cliffnerd5 to kill I_b_god, DancingZoidberg was at spawn attempting to lure newbies to their death at the hand of DancingZoidberg's Sharpness V sword. DancingZoidberg lured one newbie out of spawn and he was attacked. DancingZoidberg retaliated and killed the newbie with 2 hits.


Soon after, cliffnerd5 had killed I_b_god. I_b_god's suspicions began to rise that DancingZoidberg had betrayed him. DancingZoidberg's lie was falling apart and the friendship between I_b_god and himself no longer existed. cliffnerd5 gives payment to DancingZoidberg in the form of 55 diamond blocks, and 5 diamonds. About 2 hour later, I_b_god appears at spawn in full diamond armour. He challenges DancingZoidberg to a duel. Being honorable, DancingZoidberg accepts thinking that he would win. He was equipped in Protection IV armour, a Sharpness V sword and a Power V bow. DancingZoidberg was slain by I_b_god. DancingZoidberg claims that I_b_god had hacked due to the fact that he was hit back about 50 blocks and I_b_god was not in sight. He was flung to the left and killed almost instantly. I_b_god claimed that DancingZoidberg was lagging. This issue has not yet been resolved.


Bases and Creations

DancingZoidberg has not created anything spectacular worth noting, but he had created a few small bases and designed some hidden redstone mechanics for other peoples bases in return for diamonds/netherwart.

DancingZoidberg took part in the World 5 spawn competition but did not win. You can see his entry here.

DancingZoidberg's base during World 6 can be viewed here.

Factions and Player Interactions

DancingZoidberg has bunked with only a small amount of HCSMP players for short amounts of time. Otherwise he usually plays with his real life friend cousin Wizy939k. DancingZoidberg is a member of The Alliance.