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DAS IMPERIUM members outside of Newbtown 3.0

DAS IMPERIUM are a team on HCSMP, founded by Latrop and L0KUTUS who enjoy both pvp and civil engineering. They are infamous on the server for their hunting sprees around spawn and their base raids. If DAS IMPERIUM sees you outside of spawn then they're probably going to kill you.


DAS IMPERIUM started off as Latrop and L0KUTUS working together to kill people. They made many notable kills in World 3 and were feared by noobs and veterans alike. When World 4 started Latrop and L0KUTUS recruited both real life friends and trusted people from the server.

DAS IMPERIUM became known through out HCSMP at the start of World 4 due to their hunting sprees round spawn, killing noobs and veterans alike and through the stories of the quinto grinder they had hidden back at base. Although many people managed to find DAS IMPERIUM's base none of them managed to find the fabled grinder and DAS IMPERIUM used it to get very good armour and swords for their members. As well as hunting around spawn DAS IMPERIUM also got coords of various people or bases throughout the month and using the AUTOBAHN for fast travel they excecuted many raids using their strength in organisation and pvp to deal with anything thrown their way. Most famously they discovered the coordinates of Nerdia's base through Lewbot and Lil_Mac and executed a swift raid on their base, killing Lil_Mac and encasing another member in a lava tomb. They also departed from their usual style of raiding and "greifed the shit" out of Nerdia's base in retaliation of a previous raid Nerdia made on their base.

Play style

DAS IMPERIUM's play style is heavily orientated around pvp. One of the main focuses of DAS IMPERIUM is their grinder. In World 4 DAS IMPERIUM found 7 cave spiders close together and with Latrop's grinder making skills constructed a quinto-cave spider grinder, which was then upgraded to a septo-grinder. The grinder required one person to activate 3 of the spawners and then a further 2 to each activate 2 more grinders. With a full tickrate the grinder took a player from 0 to level 50 in about 25 minutes. This grinder allowed DAS IMPERIUM to have very good swords and full protection armour, along with back up armour.

DAS IMPERIUM is very well organised and they like to hunt in packs. If you see one DAS IMPERIUM member then chances are that more aren't far away. One player once exclaimed after narrowly escaping death at the hands of DAS IMPERIUM: "There's never just on of you DAS IMP f**kers!"

As well as pvping DAS IMPERIUM also enjoys building. Their major projects have been the AUTOBAHN and Noobtown.

They have also ruthlessly slain many newbs running from spawn just for the hell of it. And are heavily oriented on killings of any kinds. May it be 5 full enchanted guys on an unarmed new or an armored one. A healthy tip is to stay away from them until you can be assured that they will not kill you.















DAS IMPERIUM maintain a score-board of their kills.


If DAS IMPERIUM like you then they might add you to their whitelist. Being on the whitelist means that they won't kill you so it's a pretty good deal.