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The Obelisk

Czshu is one of the Faceless Gods servants. He is summoned when Cachu tastes blood near an obelisk. Czshu has only been summoned twice. The first was in January where, after Newbtown 1.1's destruction, Cachu built a giant obsidian obelisk which telum12 later announced as a mark of the Faceless God. An obelisk consist of obsidian and an enchanting table placed on the highest point of the obelisk. It's 2x2 and no block ban the on the same level as the other if there is an air block or enchanting table on them.

Telum12 tried to resurrect Czshu in February but that lead to Lewbot being cursed. Lewbot soon became such an evil that he joined DAS IMPERIUM.

On April the 16th Telum12 asked Cachu to kill him, not realizing that LogicAndReason had built a shrine for the Faceless God (the only exception to the obelisk, not as strong) which lead to Czshu resurrecting. The event after that are unclear at this time but lead to Czshu killing LogicAndReason. Logic then called upon The Black Hand who then came and ganged on Czshu with at least 3 people.

The first hint's of Cachu's alter-ego came after Cachu's friends died during World 1.

Todo: Gather the info from World 1 regarding Cachu's murderous rampage