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CrysisStorm78 head.png CrysisStorm78
Date Joined: 2017
Timezone: Central Time
Playstyle: Lawful Evil
About Me: Citizen of Ironstone

Location and Play Information

CrysisStorm78 Lives in Northern Illinois (not in Chicago) in the US. He is Cirex22's brother. He is online pretty often, but usually not after 11pm CSD.

Personality and Playstyle

CrysisStorm78 is mostly social, and responds to nearly every remark in an either witty or stupid way. He tends to die because of creepers, but has died in other ways... as of late, he died of a pvp death.

Map 27

CrysisStorm78 joined HCSMP on June 7th, 2017 in Map 27. He was a general noob, only surviving 4 hours on his first life. He helped in the creation of Ironstone's Capital, Pine River, before it was griefed by LikeYM. He also helped in the HCSMP Map 27 World Fair by finding the location, flattening the field, and creating some builds, (see HCSMP World Fair, 2017-06-27) He unfortunately died before the fair, which in turn disabled him from participating.

Map 28

Under Construction