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Location/Play Information

Crazy Boris is a North Carolina, USA-based player. He's usually on mornings and afternoons and evenings and nights.

Crazy Boris in-game, donning his Gary Bigham; Pro-LARPer skin (a character he plays in his Youtube videos)


Crazy Boris hangs out in the mid-range of the map (4500ish away from spawn) and travels around making art and crap. His most recent project for the February 2012 server was making multicolored skulls across the landscape with quotes pertaining to that biome. He would leave "goodies" in a chest behind each skull (These include items, base coords, and spawner coords)

He is unsure of his plans for the March 2012 server, but wants to make dungeons with traps and perils leading to decent treasures.

He also likes to set up random simple traps across the landscape.

Kills and Deaths

Boris has never killed anyone. He's been killed by Latrop, HippoX, ChadBurgess, and Yiskon.

Factions and Player interaction

Boris travels alone though he has been spotted by spawn a few times. He went to college with SmurfyX, their reunion on the server was not planned.

Internet Fame

Crazy Boris made the Cactuar and Tonberry flash movies back from the days of Newgrounds. He also made the Minecraft LARP video. He occupies many-an-evening doing standup comedy; he has opened for Dov Davidoff, Bret Ernst, and Skid Row ex-frontman Sebastian Bach. He also wrote the original Herobrine creepypasta, but no one believes him. |Minecraft LARP video| Standup Comedy|

Crazy Boris LARPing Minecraft; notice the creeper.