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Location and Times

Conrad9 has no current location - he often moves from base to base with his band of merry men, creating bases and having them raided shortly after. This happened the most on the January map, where the base was repeatedly made and raided 3 times. He can usually be found on at times from 4 GMT to 9 GMT.

Personality and playstyle

Conrad9 is a good natured, helpfull player who will usually help out people when they ask questions in chat, however he is not the sort to go on missions to save starving noobs. One notable event was when he and some of his friends including Logicandreason, Telum12 and Brobuzz went on a mission in the nether to save Borowse who'd fallen into a sea of lava.

Telum and I clearing lava so Borowse can log in.

To be finished!