Chernobog Czarny

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Chernobog Czarny head.png Chernobog_Czarny
Chernobog Czarny.png
Date Joined: 27th Era
Timezone: European
Playstyle: Neutral, Secretive
About Me: Seraph of the Black Light

Chernobog Czarny is an elusive European player who roams the wilderness under the Moon. First appearing during the 27th Era, he went on to lay the foundations of his faction during the 28th Era and established its fortress.


27th Era

Caught in an explosion in a dark cave, Chernobog first fell during the 27th Era. His spirit however endured and was sent to the dimension of the Graveyard, where after descending in the depths of the earth he obtained many jewels, slew wielders of magic that spawned from the abyss and took their concoctions. His power grew and eventually his rituals allowed him to return to the Overworld, now with the ghastly appearance that the Eternal Moon of the Graveyard bestowed upon him.

28th Era

In the first half of the 28th Era, Chernobog Czarny had conjured sufficient magic power to roam unopposed by darkness spawns. Wishing to reify his mind in the world, he began to build a fortress to summon ancient powers to imbue his instruments with and called upon himself his allies, founding on the first day of the ninth month a faction to bring order and beauty and manifest their will across the dimensions.

Little is currently known about these wanderers, but their passage is marked by a red banner with a black star shining over three ominous mountains...