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Location and Play Information

CaptainCrimson is an English player and former moderator mostly known for hanging around spawn and protecting the best interests of justice. Be it killing evildoers, defending noobs, or generally fighting for what is right. CaptainCrimson's general playstyle can vary considerably depending on who is online. Happy with chatting and keeping the peace might swing to an eager PvPer with the right timing. CaptainCrimson mainly plays from 8pm-6am GMT because his sleep cycle is totally messed up. Captain Crimson's timezone is precisely GMT.

Personality and Playstyle

As the headstrong leader of the CC - a successful faction for numerous months, Captain Crimson was often referred to as "HCSMP's Worst Superhero" CaptainCrimson firmly believes that every noob is deserving of their own chance to survive. As part of the CC (see below) CaptainCrimson could flex the manpower he had to ensure a limited amount of aid and protection was given to noobs around the starting area, due to the sheer quantity of members in the faction. CaptainCrimson is generally a forgiving and easygoing player, easily approachable and always willing to duel in PvP or give aid. Attempting to keep within the boundaries of all factions, Captain has been known to team with DAS IMPERIUM (from the noobtown siege onwards) Coyote and Random902, the CC, the NMR and others. Will more than likely accept a duel challenge at the end of the month no matter the person, or equipment.

Bases and creations

Captain let most building work be decided by other CC members. However, the first spawn competition where he created a model of himself holding up the spawn point is his most notable building creation. Creating The Crimson Crusaders from scratch at what started as Captain Crimson and TheHamburglar rose to at one point an active team of 15 strong. The first ideas were to have 3 Leaders, one for military, one for economy, and one for diplomacy, however they were all scrapped as plans fell through for other leaders, with everyone deciding on The Captain to become the leader.

CaptainCrimson also created HCSMP Heroes, a top-trumps game with notable players on hcsmp.

Kills and Deaths


Joining midway through November under a different alias, Captain Crimson began his life with 3 team-mates, 2 of which were CplGunshow and TheHamburglar, who ended up being well known clan, The Crimson Crusaders. After all 3 of his team mates died well within the first day, The Captain survived the Reddit surge and Random902's slaughter of noobs whilst still being a noob himself. After the gruesome PvP deaths of his friends, Captain Crimson vowed to deliver justice from then on out, for all the noobs that couldn't defend themselves. Captain Crimson lived to the end of the month with 0 kills.


A Hero is Born

"Take heed, all looters, pillagers, murderers and general nasty people. The world has called for order. The world has called for an end to the endless chaos. The world has called for a retired spandex wearing pro-wrestler turned super hero, with a slightly above average beard. Captain Crimson will fight for the defenseless. He will defend the weak. He will use the power of his beard and slightly suggestive attire to make sure that justice is served. From every co-ordinate, to every underground farm, Captain Crimson will not just be a figurehead, but a revolutionary! The name will whisper throughout the biomes, on the tongue of every person who holds hope closest to their chest, and their stone sword a near second."

Largely the main month for Captain Crimson as it was the beginning of The Crimson Crusaders. As a figurehead, Captain understood that his importance was not in PvP, but in rallying a lot of people together under a common cause, minimising betrayals and doubts within the team. The Crusaders became well recognised through the subreddit and deeds in game. However, casualties with a team so huge was an unavoidable outcome, and many had succumbed by the end of the month. During this time, Captain Crimson developed a rivalry with Otheakiss, Jaycow (at the time, the admin)'s playable account, for killing his dog "The Sarge" and killing a member of the CC. After being killed himself, Otheakiss posted the bases coordinates on the subreddit. Captain Crimson dueled Elements at the end of the month in the arena, losing the first time but donating for a rematch, winning and killing Elements for the rest of the month. (I guess i'll not count duels. Captain Crimson killed 2 guys this month, i cant remember his name, but i did and didnt die.


The Crimson Crusaders still happened throughout January and Captain Crimson took a larger role, as he slowly lost contact with some CC members. Instead of choosing to recruit people again, Captain formed alliances with the NMR and Random902, taking Ahalcro, with him to track down the most wanted player at the time. In an incredibly intense 3v3 Battle on a man-made offshore island, the battle spilled into the water. The defenders were prepared for this combat packing bows with many arrows, but the 3 survived. After a long fight both sides mutually agreed to back off- because of very possible loses on both sides mainly, without saying a word. Ahalcro had his diamond helmet broken, Random and Crimson still maintained full armour, and the same was said for the enemy team. Captain Crimson had his first death after being ambushed 1k out of spawn helping a noob by a 3 man faction. A funeral was proposed and Captain was revived. At the end of month, Captain Crimson dueled Brobuzz in an intense battle at the arena knowing his equipment was worst and lost, after smashing Brobuzz's helmet first. Also lost to Cachu in a duel, only accept because CC is a man's man. Captain Crimson ended the month on 2 kills and 1 death.


Captain Crimson didn't do much and killed a guy who wanted to have the famous "sex party" at spawn. Captain Crimson killed TheHamburglar in The Noobtown Siege. He also died to Lewbot in a duel, but that shit don't count. 1 Kill 0 Deaths


In march, CaptainCrimson joined Das Imperium in a full commitment, where he undergone a turn from his previous justice fueled actions. Seemingly enraged and frustrated by the futile attempts to save the server, CaptainCrimson adopted the "if you cant beat 'em, join 'em" phrase and began killing noobs.



In april, CaptainCrimson continued working with Das Imperium, but more towards his own cause, fighting and killing noobs whilst also feeding new players, he seemingly struggled between his two goals and kept a working medium.


Final Tally

Leaving CaptainCrimsons net dueling score at: 12-1

Event Participation

Because of timezones, CaptainCrimson struggles to make events. CaptainCrimson was at the February PvP Tournament but did not compete. CaptainCrimson fought alongside DAS IMPERIUM in the Siege of Newbtown, and was victorious twice. Captain Crimson was also part of one of the first if not the first arena fist fight with Elements, coming out victorious.