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This page lists and describes the plugins used on HCSMP. For a full list of the available commands please see the Server Commands article.

This article is slightly out of date after the March migration.


An SMP Hardcore Mode plugin originally based on Hardcore 2.0.

Our hardcore plugin feeds directly into the website, allowing us to maintain lists of deaths, killers and other useful statistics.



A PVP protection plugin.

The first 60 minutes of a newly spawned players life are protected from other players, including all attack damage and lava bucket placement. The timer does not count down while a player is logged out or inside a No-PvP zone such as Spawn. An announcement is regularly made to the protected player, letting them know how much longer they have before they are vulnerable to PvP attacks. A further announcement is made to the entire server when the player's protection expires or is terminated, and other players can check how much longer your protection will last with a command.

This plugin was created to allow players to escape spawn without immediately being killed by Diamond-clad murderers. Situations then arose that meant a protected player could steal from other players chests without any consequences, so changes were made that mean if a player is under campfire protection he cannot open or destroy chests.

Spawn killers can follow protected players, and kill them when their timer expires, or crate a lava or drop trap if the player logs off, so new players must still be very cautious about who follows them when they leave the Spawn.

New players can take environmental and mob damage, so lava baths, base jumping and hugging creepers are not recommended, and if you log out near to another player he can trap your log-out point.



HeroChat is a chat and channel plugin that allows players to communicate globally, locally, and with specific channels and groups of people.


Combat Tag

Any player who is hit and logs off within 3 seconds will leave behind an equivalent NPC (with health and items) that the attacker can continue to kill. If the NPC dies, the attackers get all of the items. The next time the player logs in he will take the damage that the NPC took, and be recorded as dead within the Death List.

Combat Tag


This server is populated by variety of player styles including PVP fanatics who'll kill anyone they meet (or are just having a bad day), the grand architects and builders who are looking to create, and the griefers who just want to watch the world burn.

Bounty hunting puts a little of the power back into the hands of the miners, builders and General Good Guys.

Any player can add a diamond or experience bounty to the head of any other player. The bounty amount is immediately taken from the player's inventory or experience pool.

If the bountied player is then killed, the bounty is given to the killer, subject to certain Karma modifications.

The minimum bounty is 1 diamond, or 50 experience points. If a player does not have the necessary inventory space to claim a bounty, the bounty amount will drop on the floor next to him.

If the size of a bounty exceeds a certain amount of diamonds, the wanted player's location may be given away. Any time a player comes within a certain number of blocks of a wanted player, his location is updated (randomized to within X blocks), giving a rough location. To protect the location of your friends you can add them to your 'incognito' list, and you will not give away their coordinates.

If you have a high enough bounty in diamonds, your relative position is revealed in the /bounty view page. The accuracy of your position is determined by your diamond bounty. There is a minimum randomization cap, so your exact coordinates should never be broadcast. Your location is updated every 30 minutes, but only if someone is within a certain number of blocks of you. You can add other players to your incognito list, which will mean that you do not give away their location when in close proximity to them.



The Karma plugin aims to encourage players to do good deeds, but still has some interesting bonuses for those who are being evil.

All players begin with a Karma of 1, and this value is affected each time you kill another player. If you kill a player who has positive Karma, your Karma is decreased by their Karma amount. If you kill someone with negative Karma, your Karma goes up. You can check someone else's Karma at any time with the appropriate command.

If you were to kill a good player (with positive Karma), and they don't currently have a bounty, you automatically get a 10 diamond bounty.

When you kill someone that has an active bounty, the following rules apply:

  • If you have good Karma, you get extra diamonds equal to your karma level.
  • If you have bad Karma, you get extra 100 exp times your current karma level.



This is the basic Commandbook set. Note that these commands are almost entirely disabled for the players, as we want this to be as vanilla a Hardcore Minecraft experience as possible.


The plugin used by administrators to investigate claims of X-ray and assist in catching people that are cheating. It logs every single block that players have placed or removed.


The plugin that allows the server to be queried by websites etc, such as Minestatus and our own server information page.


Lets users access specific commands for their usergroup.


Uses a wand tool to create large structures very quickly.


Protects areas of the map from being destroyed by players.

Protected sections:

  • Spawn building and 50 block radius surrounding co-ordinates 0,0. You cannot take damage within spawn, unless you are in the Arena.
  • PvP Arena - This area has PvP damage turned on. If you die within the Arena you will still be banned.


Creates map borders where no one can pass the boundaries. This creates the map size and prevents anyone venturing out too far.


A bans plugin, that allows the staff to see if players have been misbehaving on the other servers using the MCBouncer service.


This plugin attempts to monitor and control hacked clients and exploitation of bugs.