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A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide character.

Cachu started peacefully building with his friends in World 1. Eventually, all of them died, and at this point the first traces of his evil side, Czshu, appeared.

He called out in-game and started a village, only to begin secretly lava-bucketing each of his neighbours.

Cachu, along with some of the other regular members, founded the NMR, and helped to feed the newbies, creating the predecessors to Noobtown.

Todo: Some intermediate history. What he did during his NMR time between World 2 and World 4

During World 6, the NMR reformed, and Cachu again came back to help with the building and organisation. telum12 requested that Cachu be his honorary executioner, then due to LogicAndReason's frustration about how this action had hurt the image of NMR he challenged Cachu to a duel, claiming that he would either go down a martyr or win as a hero. Cachu killed LogicAndReason in that fight. Soon after some of the newest members of NMR gave the NMR base location to The Black Hand, a clan made up mostly of spawn killers, and Cachu was killed by 4 people of their group. Following this, rumours spread about the demise of the NMR, although many of the people that had gathered together under it's name continued to build with Conrad9, with plans for a new faction, to leave the baggage of the name NMR behind.

The leader of The Black Hand claimed their action justified because of their ignorance of the matter, supposedly trying to do good and helping the NMR, although the results were the opposite.