Brown Bear

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Brown__Bear's skin

Location and Play Information

Brown__Bear is a new player to the server. He currently lives in Seattle for the summer!

Brown__Bear tends to be on in the late evening PST, and on the weekends a lot.

Personality and Playstyle

Brown__Bear loves everyone! Sadly, everyone does not love him. Hence, he is often dead T_T

Brown__Bear prefers to play alone, or with people he knows IRL. Thus, he will usually be found "lone-wolfing it". He played with lanirako for a bit before justin killed him in April!

Kills and Deaths

Brown__Bear has 0 kills and many deaths.

His first death was a couple months ago, because he was an idiot and only dug a base a few blocks below the surface, so a wandering guy came by and killed him while he was watching grass grow.

On March 5th, he died at the hands of MWhiteTiger whilst hunting pigs. His last words were "DONT PLEASE". MWhiteTiger proceeded to die a few hours later from a fall, most likely as a result of his terrible karma.

In April, he died twice, first by falling into a 1x1 block hole that went down to bedrock, second by getting in a group fight he shouldn't have been in and getting wrecked by justintb.

In May, Brown__Bear took a break from the server to finish up his studies and avoid teh dramaz. He will return with a vengeance in June.

Miscellaneous Trivia

Brown__Bear kept a memorial to misnis in his room prior to his death, upon misnis' request to be remembered before he starved to death.

Brown__Bear is a lover, not a fighter.

Brown__Bear hates teh dramaz.

Brown__Bear always tries to construct a wall of brown wool in each of his bases, with varying degrees of success.

After some false starts, Brown__Bear has decided PvP is not for him, and plays mostly to explore and find other bases and people to say hi! He will defend himself if attacked (but will probably die anyway T_T)